Privacy Policy

This document is provided to customers, users and clients (hereinafter – Customers or You) of web site. The is developed, owned and run by Cyber Force Group s.r.o. (legal entity registered under the Czech Republic law,register number 01987232, registered in Commercial Court in Prague in Commercial registry С 214245, Address: Křemencova 186/7,NoveMěsto, 110 00 Praha 1 (hereinafter – the Company or We).

By this Privacy Policy We honor our commitment to You, in ensuring Your privacy is protected at all times through use of web-resources and software of Company. The following items detail our practices in relation to information You provide to us. Our privacy policy is based on the general custom, Internet ethic, common practice and Company’s policies to protect personal information.

  1. Personal information

    • Cyber Force Group s.r.o. collects personal information about You when You use Company’s web-site or Company’s software or when it licenses its counter-agents to use Company’s software as licensees or assigns them to act as Company’s agents – in the latter case information is collected once You use web-site of such licensee or agent.
    • For the purposes of Company’s privacy policy, Your personal information includes Your contact, financial, private and / or any other information disclosed by You or on Your behalf to Company or Company’s licensee and/or agent. We use the term “personal information” information to mean any type of information which could be utilized to identify or be readily associated with You. Examples of personal information We collect include, but are not limited to:

Your name, address, telephone number, e-mail, or any combination thereof, your company details such as: company name, registration number, tax ID, registered address, information about company’s management, bank account details etc.

We also collect a sub-category of personal information that We call financial information. Financial information includes passwords, credit/debit card numbers, bank and other account numbers, and bank routing information. In order to operate Company’s web-site and provide You with info technical possibility to use Company’s software, We collect personal information (including financial information) as well as demographic information from You. Please note that, in some instances as described below, We treat financial information differently from how We treat other types of personal information.

  1. Personal information usage

    • Using of Company’s software You acknowledge the present privacy policy and also agree that Your personal information will be collected, stored, compiled, deleted and used in other ways as arranged herein by Company and / or its licensees, agents.
    • The personal information collected by Company is used to ensure that Company’s software You are about is duly delivered to You and that You from Your side duly use it and refrain from paying for illegal products using Your financial information. Company collects personal financial information to confirm the identity of Customers and bill them for Company’s software or grant the Company’s licensees the right and technical possibility to bill such Customers. Unique identifiers (such credit card numbers) are collected from You to verify Your identity and for use as account numbers in our record system. When You make an order or purchase through or using Company’s software, Your consent is considered to be given to provide Your financial or personal information to those third parties necessary to process Your transactions with us, such as credit companies, banks, payment systems and companies that handle shipping on our behalf or on behalf of our licensees. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations for fraud protection, struggle with criminal activity and credit risk reduction.
    • Except as provided herein, We will not share financial or unique identifier information with third parties, except our agents and licensees, without Your prior consent or legislative demand of imperative nature. When You make a purchase through the Company’s software (irrespective to the fact whether this purchase is made thorough Company’s or licensees web-resource) Your consent is required to provide Your financial or contact information to those third parties necessary to process Your transactions with Us, such as credit card companies.
    • Company may also pass Your contact details on to our counter-agents, such as licensees and agents to keep You informed of their and our future products, services etc. You will be asked at the time You receive such information for the first time if You would like to receive this information. You may also change this choice in the future by contacting us with this request, although it may also be necessary to contact any of the Company’s agents or licensees which have obtained Your information to indicate Your choice at this stage. Company will not use or disclose this information in any way, other than that disclosed in this policy.
    • You should be aware that we may release Your personal information or financial information when We believe it is necessary to comply with laws or regulations, to assist law enforcement, to enforce the terms under which You transacted with Company, or to protect the international order and financial security as well as rights, property or safely of Company, Customers of Company’s web-site or others.
    • We will use Your personal information received from You when using Company’s software only. We shall not directly search for any of Your other personal information through any other software, web-resources data bases etc. even in case that information is necessary for You or for ensuring that Company’s software is duly used by You in the scope You expect. Of course, automatic search may from time to time take place in case it is necessary for payment executing but You should in no case rely on that automatic search if You have not granted all the information requested from You while using Company’s software or visiting web-sites containing Company’s software.
    • Company renders services and / or licenses third companies of various spheres of business to use Company’s software. Company doesn’t provide, sell, render, arranges or manages any products or services except licensing Company’s software. But the owner, seller, manager or organizer of appropriate activity has agreed to use Company’s software to market, promote and sell their respective products and services. Whenever You order or purchase any products and services from other web-site (not being the Company’s web-site) using Company’s software, You are purchasing that products and services from the owner, seller, manager or organizer of appropriate products and services, and that contract is subject not only to this privacy policy, but also to any terms, conditions or policies imposed by the products and services in question. If You wish to familiarize yourself with the terms, conditions and policies of acquiring or using of appropriate products and services before You commit to purchasing those, please contact relevant owner, seller, manager or organizer directly. We do not have any role in setting any prices (except for Company’s software) and We do not have any control over the quality of any products and services which You order or purchased from web-sites using Company’s software. Any complaints about any products and services which You order or purchased from web-sites using Company’s software should be directed to the relevant owner, seller, manager or organizer directly.
    • Your personal information may be used to contact You by post, phone or by email when necessary in connection with transactions entered into by You on the Company’s web-site or other web-site using Company’s software. The Company’s licensee and/or agent may use Your personal or contact information for its own purpose and Company bears no responsibility for that usage. In addition Company or its licensee and/or agent may contact You by post or by email, with information or offers regarding their respective products, services or customer surveys. Company does not sell names, e-mail addresses or any other Customer personal and contact information to third parties. Nor do We have any intention of doing so in the future.
  1. Security

    • Company will endeavor to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information that we hold about You. Company has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. Our system servers are protected by the leading firewalls and best security practice and methods from world leading providers. Our secure server software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of Your personal information, including but not limited to credit card number, name, and address, so We believe that it cannot be read by third parties.
    • Please note that Company’s software is mere a software (as any set of machine-readable instructions that directs a computer’s processor to perform specific operations), such software and any use thereof is connected to some kind of financial activities and / or financial services as well as such use may and obviously will be connected with some kind of financial obligations. So that by using Company’s software (irrespective through web-site of Company or its agents / licensees) You confirm You are duly authorized to use Company’s software and bear any obligations connected or arisen from such use.
  1. Customer input information

    • Web-sites using Company’s software and registration forms, order forms, surveys etc., located thereon may require You to give us personal information (like Your name, address and/or email address etc.). If You are ordering license for Company’s software or any products and services from web-sites using Company’s software, You will be asked to provide financial information (like Your account or credit card numbers).
    • You have the right to obtain a digital copy of the personal data We hold about You. You also have the right to correct any inaccuracies in such data. If You wish to avail of any of these rights, please contact us via Your request will be dealt with as soon as possible and will not take more than 30 days to process.
  1. Access to other web-sites, parsing

    • Company’s software provides links to web-sites of third persons. These linked web-sites are not under the control of Company, and We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of third persons linked to our web site even in case these third persons are our agents or licensees. Before disclosing Your personal information on any other web-site, we advise You to examine the privacy policies of those web-sites.
    • Please note that We are strongly oppose and prohibit to execute parsing of the web-resources of Company. That means You are not allowed to use or attempt to use any automated software agents (including without limitation, any screen scraper, spider or other web crawler) to access any of the Company’s web-resources to search, copy or monitor, display or obtain links to any part of such web-resources as well as any text placed on such web-resources.
  1. Policy review and maintenance

    • Company aims to be the leading provider of module-based software devoted to developing any kind of financial services including of worldwide. In order to achieve this, Our business is in a constant state of change as We introduce new services and features to our web-site as well as new updates of Company’s software. This means that on a regular basis our policies will be reviewed and any necessary revisions will be made.
    • Please review this privacy policy periodically as Company reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time and notify You by posting an updated version of the policy on its web-site. The current version of the privacy policy in force is considered to be one that is posted on the Company’s web-site at the time of its exploitation.
    • Use of Company’s web-site at any time indicates that You accept the current, published version of the policy. Company guarantees that in all circumstances, Your details and any information held about You will be treated in the manner dictated by this policy.
  1. Contact data

 Cyber Force Group s.r.o.


Address: Křemencova 186/7, NoveMěsto, 110 00 Praha 1

This Privacy Policy was last modified on 14th October 2015